Here are the various uses of custom lapel pins:

Lapel pins serve as a form of expression amongst individuals and this is one reason why customized lapel pins are in demand. It can be used for several purposes based on the needs of the organizations. Individuals customize pins as per the necessities and prerequisites of the pins. Individuals may use these pins as an image of accomplishment or being related with some association, club, group, business and so on. Here are a few categories where custom lapel pins are widely used:

Honors and acknowledgment

Most of the organizations honor their employees and what better way than a lapel pin. It is a great memento for the employees as recognition is what most of the employees look for. The customised lapel pins could be service pins, safety pins, volunteer pins, and recognition pins. Adequately, most lapel pins are used as a part of rewards nowadays.

Clubs and Associations:

Non-benefit associations or clubs can pass out custom lapel pins to the members or the donors. It is a way to promote the clubs and their activities.

Church and Religious associations:

Church and Religious associations provide customized lapel pins to their supporters. They also use these lapel pins to draw attention for social causes. The pins used by such associations are Church pins, remembrance pins, recognition pins, and usher pins. These pins additionally help in advancing or imparting your conviction to others in an inconspicuous and positive way.


Individuals use lapel pins as a way to express their support towards a particular team or sport. Pins that are utilized for such purposes include competition pins, club sports pins, hockey pins, baseball pins and team trading pins.

Advertising and advancements:

A brand without a promotion cannot survive for long. One needs to put a lot of efforts to get the marketing strategies right. Customized products are a way to promote your brand in an effective manner. Organizations use custom lapel pins as a way to build their image. Company pins, promotional pins, and recognition pins are the types of lapel pins used by corporate to promote their brands.

Military and government

Custom pins are a great way to pay a tribute to Government and military. Navy pins, marine pins, army pins, air force pins, and armed pins are the ones used in this category. This pins also define designation in the Government sector.

Do consider using lapel pins to leave a long-lasting impact on people, place, and products. Wondering where could you get customized lapel pins? Recognition Id is your answer! They are one of Australia’s largest manufacturers of customized corporate name badges, lapel pins, ID & loyalty cards, awards & trophies, customized plaques, promotional items, and signage. The creative professionals are always on toes to get the exact outcome that the client needs. Let the team know your business goals and they shall customize the products accordingly.


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